5 Easy Facts About properties Described

Field attributes can be connected for the compiler generated backing area in auto-applied properties. Such as, think about a revision to the individual class that provides a novel integer Id residence. You create the Id home working with an car-executed residence, but your design will not demand persisting the Id property.

The instance previously mentioned enforces the rule that the 1st identify have to not be blank or white Room. If a developer writes

The preceding code makes two additions to the Person course. To start with, the FirstName house declaration incorporates the demanded modifier. Which means any code that creates a brand new Individual should set this property.

A property definition has declarations for the get and set accessor that retrieves and assigns the value of that home:

In some cases, you have to initialize a assets to a worth in addition to the default for its style. C# permits that by environment a price after the closing brace with the property.

It will throw a NullReferenceException without this sign in that circumstance. To find out more, see situations. This example also utilizes the new nameof operator to transform in the assets title image to its text representation. Applying nameof can cut down faults where you've mistyped the identify of the house.

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It's also legal to put the greater restrictive modifier to the get accessor. Such as, you could have a general public home, but prohibit the get accessor to private. That circumstance is rarely performed in observe.

You can extend this exact syntax to anything necessary with properties your scenario. You can Examine the interactions involving distinctive properties, or validate against any external conditions. Any valid C# statements are legitimate in a very assets accessor.

Vehicle-carried out properties can declare diverse accessibilities for the get and set accessors. You usually declare a public get accessor and A personal established accessor. You could find out more within the write-up on limiting accessor accessibility.

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Properties absolutely are a method of good fields in a category or object. From outdoors the item, they seem like fields in the item.

A closing situation the place you should produce code in the residence accessor should be to support the INotifyPropertyChanged interface utilised to inform details binding consumers that a worth has transformed. When the value of the property improvements, the thing raises the INotifyPropertyChanged.

This method functions for just about any attribute you attach for the backing industry over the car-carried out home.

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